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Live Group Classes

Virtual learning like you have never experienced before. Lessons are intensely engaging and student focused. Every student is actively participating throughout each lesson. 

Teaching Kids

1:1 Tutoring

StrongMinds teachers provide 1:1 online tutoring services to children PreK-12th grade who need support or enrichment in literacy. Our individual lessons are engaging, multi-sensory, effective, and fun!

Virtual Learning

Parent University

We work side by side with parents in supporting their students through any road blocks they face.

{The instructor interacted with the students and made my child feel comfortable answering questions.
Rishawna S.
Muti-Sensory Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
{Wonderful and knowledgeable teacher who provides thorough feedback upon request.
Blaire P.
1:1 Tutor- Personalized Dyslexia Intervention
{Susan has been amazing! She has adapted class to make it successful for our child.
Learn to Read and Write ABCs-Practice to Mastery
{My daughter loves this class and the teacher is great with the kids!
Peggy K.
Play Dough Diner- Build and Share
{My daughter loved this she struggles with dyslexia and reading and she said I wish this was my teacher!!!
Erika L.
Multi Sensory Phonics, and Phonemic Awareness
{Excellent! Susan is great! We have noticed that our 6 year old has improved tremendously. Thanks so much!
Michelle A.
1:1 Tutor- Personalized Dyslexia Intervention
{My son loves her class. It is nice for him to meet other kids his age and share their journeys.
Kerri S.
Dyslexia: Unlocking Your Hidden Talents (Ages 7-12)
{I have seen improvement in my sons reading and it’s only been 3 weeks. He looks forward to this class on Wednesdays.
Yasmin G.
Multi Sensory Phonics, and Phonemic Awareness